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Open Technologies for Societal Empowerment

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Who We Are

We believe "Ultimate human capacity can be reached when the mind is liberated and knowledge is freely accessible."

iFOSSF (International Free and Open Source Solutions Foundation) is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in Michigan with the mission of advancing the research, development, and use of open technologies to empower people and societies around the world.

We envision a society where all people can freely participate in processes to improve their communities and societies. We believe it’s important to make open source technology the norm so that non-profit organizations and developing countries can afford the type of technology necessary to solve problems and more easily integrate with other providers to find collective, community-wide solutions. More importantly, developing countries or marginalized communities can become active participants in the solution process hence expanding and enhancing the civic space.

Our mission is to assist non-profits, businesses, and developing nations to be all they can be by facilitating the use of open source technology to solve local, community-based problems, inspire innovation, and attain sustainable development goals.

About: Who We Are
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