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We are grateful to have the opportunities working with a network of like-minded partners over the years,  together we have achieved the following accomplishments:

Taiwan Presidential Hackathon’s (international track)

The 2019 Taiwan Presidential hackthon is for the purpose of advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals at the same time to demonstrate Taiwanese government's emphasis on open-source, open data, and related best practices to address the needs of the country through social innovations and economic development. Our co-founder Jenny Huang was one of the five judges for the international track which brings together civic hacktivists, governments, companies and other organizations around the world to use open data to solve global or regional development challenges. We are extremely proud to contribute in this prestigious event that is fully aligned with iFOSSF mission, the international track was successfully concluded on July 21st with personal remarks and acknowledgement to iFOSSF from Vice President Chen of Taiwan.

Open Contracting Partnership

Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) is a project spawned off from the World Bank to provide radical transparency in public sector procurement based on open standards and open data. iFOSSF provided a short term consulting and advisory service to OCP to advise its engagement and Open Contracting Data Standards adoption in the private sector.

University of New South Wales at the Australian Defense Force Academy

From 2014 to 2018, IFOSSF worked jointly with UNSW-ADFA exploring the use of the SEED framework as the foundation for digital government transformation. iFOSSF worked to customize the SEED framework to align with the Australian defence sector First Principle Reviews’ strategy; recommended tools for digital transformation in the defence sector; and made recommendations on future research directions.

Quebec Smart City Implementation

In 2013, IFOSSF partnered with the Le Cercle and their European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) project. Through this joint venture, iFOSSF worked with ENoLL’s SU Research and Development project to establish the Le Cercle Living Lab business model for culture-focused, smart city development.

People Olympics Project

In collaboration with the European Network of Living Labs, in 2014 iFOSSF mapped the SEED framework for project execution strategy and data collection for the ENoLL People Olympics project.  The People Olympics is a game where 10,000s strong teams track their physical activity and contribute to the city Healthy Index as a way to increase their city’s well-being, fun, and social transformation.

Foundation for Sustainable Development

iFOSSF partnered with Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) in 2013 & 2014 to enhanced and strengthen their service learning program using the SEED framework methodology. In addition, iFOSSF worked with FSD on joint corporate fundraising and engagement, specifically working to engage technology companies.

OASIS Transformational Government Framework (TGF)

In 2012-2014, iFOSSF was an active member of the OASIS TGF’s technical committee. The committee works with governments around the world to define a framework, identify use cases, and provide adoption guidance for improving the delivery of their public services through information technology.

SEED Framework Development

In 2012, iFOSSF developed the SEED (Social, Economic and Ecosystem Development) framework based on four enabling concepts: ecosystem governance, value-based partnership, benchmark and measurement, and semantic knowledgebase.  The framework relies on a six-step process that enables co-creation of sustainable solutions.

In 2013, iFOSSF presented the SEED Inauguration Workshop as a pre-conference symposium to the 7TH IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (IEEE DEST2013). 

Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University

In 2014, IFOSSF established an associate partnership to support the launch of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-university’s Annual Congress.  The Congress hosted three concurrent scientific conferences related to sustainable transformation.

Empowerment Works & The Global Summit

In 2008, iFOSSF partnered with Empowerment Works as a technical advisor and chair for their 1PIE (Partners In Empowerment) strategy. The partnership included iFOSSF’s support of both the 2008 Global Summit inaugural event in San Francisco and the 2012 Global Summit in London.

Open Digital Village Project

iFOSSF served as the research and development arm of the Open Digital Village (ODiVs) project through a 2007 partnership with OneVillage Foundation. The project was designed to develop for telecenter portals and applications and targeted Winneba, Ghana for the first ODiV. 

Development Gateway

In 2007, IFOSSF served as a Cooperating Organization and Advisor under the Development Gateway Knowledge Exchange’s the ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) and e-learning sectors.

Accomplishments: List
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